There’s no universal agreement on the total feature set of a typical LMS. But, in general, you’ll break down all LMS necessities into basic and advanced options. the essential ones embody the primary 3 options from our list below, whereas the others are often thought of advanced options. User management. This feature permits you to feature and edit users, assign them roles, and mix learners into teams and organizations.

What Is LMS ?

Course management. This feature delivers learning materials. Delivery isn’t restricted to uploading courses, however matching that piece of content goes to whom.Progress pursuit. This feature assesses learner performance. you’ll live their progress at totally different time intervals, or once the course is finished.

Content creation. Some learning platforms have a inherent editor that enables you to make straightforward tests and courses.
ILT room. If you give homogenised learning, your LMS ought to support classroom-based learning initiatives (e.g., managing room schedules, observance attending and performance, etc.).

Mobile learning. Most LMSs enable learners to coach anytime, anywhere, and on any device. a number of them have native mobile apps that create it therefore users will read courses, even once offline.

Social Learning. If you wish to encourage your learners to share their information, you wish associate degree LMS with social tools. Like social media, they permit you to publish articles, discuss colleagues’ posts, and like and share content.
White labeling and customization. With this LMS feature, you’ll produce a very distinctive learning platform and maintain complete consistency at intervals your eLearning expertise.

Gamification. By victimization gamification parts (points, awards, ratings, badges, and more), you’ll increase learners’ retention, engagement, and motivation to check tougher.
Certification. Some platforms have the choice of supplying certificates to users once they complete a course or a take a look at. this can be particularly useful for firms that conduct skilled certifications frequently.

LMS Pursuit
A learning management system offers you the ability to watch each facet of learning. By assembling feedback and look knowledge analytics, you’ll perceive if your learners have gotten the foremost out of their eLearning expertise, and if the standard of your content is high enough.
You can track and live coaching results with LMS reports. The essential learning metrics and reports generally include:

Learner Progress and Completion Rates

These metrics show however your individual learners ar faring. you’ll see if they’ve with success completed a course, and track however way they’ve come back. as an example, courses with high non-completion rates could encourage you to rethink the content.
eLearning assessment results

This metric is one in every of the foremost direct indicators of user performance. It permits you to watch ability and information gaps as learners complete courses. By analyzing assessment scores, you’ll perceive if the course is sweet enough, or if your learners want a lot of info concerning the subject.

Course Summary
Course summary reports give a general image of however with success users studied a selected piece of content. You can, for instance, track what proportion of learners completed a course, what proportion time they required to look at every activity, and what average score they got.

Satisfaction Rates
An LMS generally permits you to conduct user surveys, polls, and questionnaires. By collection feedback, you’ll assess learner satisfaction. however do they feel concerning overall course design? ar there enough activities? This metric will assist you outline the ins and outs of your eLearning strategy and, if necessary, take steps to boost it.

LMS Standards
Simply speaking, a typical may be a language that your eLearning courses and your LMS use to speak with one another.
Selecting a unified customary for each authoring tools and LMSs means info are with success shared between them. The initiate will well read courses, and also the trainer will simply track their results.
Let’s take a more in-depth check out four in style eLearning standards:

AICC (Aviation business Computer-Based coaching Committee) is that the oldest technical customary. It lets a course transfer info in hypertext transfer protocol format. though this customary isn’t any longer evolving, there ar some LMSs and authoring tools that ar AICC compliant.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) may be a customary that’s recognized by nearly each learning platform. It’s used for packaging quiz-based e-courses and needs employing a SCORM-compliant LMS. This way, learning content will move with the system to trace user progress. SCORM courses enable you to make a transparent structure, use totally different items of content as standalone units, and set rules for switch between them.

Like any technology, SCORM has evolved over the years. There ar presently four totally different versions: SCORM one.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2004. Before buying associate degree LMS, you wish to seek out out what version(s) of SCORM it supports.

XxAPI (Experience API, Tin Can)
xAPI was introduced as a nextgen version of SCORM, however it’s wider capabilities. in contrast to SCORM, that is made on communications between a course associate degreed an LMS, xAPI isn’t restricted to those relations. It are often launched from a neighborhood device or integrated into a typical WordPress web site, and permits you to send knowledge, for instance, from talent management code or mobile apps.
Tin will will track most learning activities like period of time learning, offline learning, long-run learning, experiential learning, and simulations.


The main feature of LTI is that it connects learning systems. Learners log into associate degree LMS, click on a link with a course, and it launches on a distinct platform. an excellent advantage of this customary is that content manufacturers will style distinctive courses at intervals their own tools and so simply share them with learners on totally different platforms victimization LTI.
While SCORM is employed a lot of by company organizations or government agencies, LMS LTI is in style in education.

сmi5 is that the newest customary for LMSs. In short, it provides all the capabilities of SCORM and xAPI at a similar time, and limits their drawbacks. Unlike SCORM courses, cmi5 content are often viewed on mobile devices, even offline. the information this format permits you to trace isn’t limited: for instance, you’ll get elaborate statistics on however users read PDFs, images, and audio and video files. Like xAPI, cmi5 makes it potential to check outside associate degree LMS and monitor games and simulations, similarly as social and mobile learning.

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